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Mummy Maternity Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

Mummy Maternity Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

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This Fashionable Mummies Maternity Diaper Small Bag/Backpack is Great for Moms’. Great for a Nappy Changing Baby Bag, Stroller Organiser, a Lunch Insulation Bag, which fits not only a mothers milk pump, it can also be used as a lunch bag or little travel bag.

Made from high quality durable polyester which is water resistant and easy to wipe clean, don't afraid if milk or water spill on the bag.

The wide opening main pocket contains 5 other pockets to help you sort baby clothes, feeding bottles, diapers, paper towels, etc.

It  has a Double-layer design: the upper layer is a diaper bag and the lower layer is a Food in the fresh layer.

There are 2 styles of bag. Style 1 has USB charging interface while Style 2 does not. (Please select carefully as change of mind may incur additional shipping fees)

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