Hopefully we can answer the most frequently asked questions here. If you have a question that is not covered on this page please feel free to email us at support@loveu2bits.com


Q. Is this a secure site? I am worried about giving my details.

A. Yes. We take every precaution to make sure your details are safe and secure. Notice the https: in the address bar showing we use internet encryption protocols on our site. We have also installed McAfee security measures as an added precaution, symbolised on the bottom right hand corner of the shop pages. All credit card information is processed by Stripe Payment Processes. One of the most respected credit card processors online today. All email addresses are also secure and only used to alert you of future VIP promotions before the general public. They are not sold or shared with any other party for marketing purposes. We hate spam just like everyone else.  


Q. How can you give away FREE products?

A. We only give away FREE products periodically to encourage new visitors to our site. The cost of these products is covered by the sale of other products and is built into our marketing costs.


Q. Why is the shipping and handling fees more expensive for the FREE products than the retail priced items.

A. Because when we sell a retail priced item we are able to subsidise the shipping costs. When we give away a FREE items we have to pass the full shipping, handling and insurance costs on unfortunately.


Q. Why does shipping take so long?

A. Most of our products are manufactured outside the United States so they are shipped over seas. This unfortunately takes longer than normal freight and comes with it's own set of complications, like custom delays which are all out of our control. We always over state the delivery times and try to deliver early. So if your goods have not arrived by the maximum time we have stated then there may be a problem. Please contact us by email.


Q. Why are the shipping charges so different?

A. Shipping and Handling charges are calculated by the shipping companies that deliver our products, from the manufacturer to the customer. There are many variables affecting shipping charges. 1.The size and weight of the package. 2. The distance the package has to travel and 3. Is more than one courier company involved with the delivery. Also because we use different suppliers for our products, a variety of different shipping companies are used and they all have different charges. We do our best to get the best shipping rates possible while still having your goods delivered in a reasonable amount of time and in tact. (sorry for the long winded explanation)


Q. You have such a variation in products, there doesn't seem to be a theme to the store.

A. Well we started of very small with only one gift idea and as the store has evolved, and continues to evolve. We realised that gifts can be given to anyone for just about any reason. That being the case some of our customers, family and friends have asked us to source different types of products for them, so we have. As long as we can find the products that people love to by for themselves and their loved ones we will do our best to supply them.